What Would You Put Down in Order to Pass Through the Door?

| February 18, 2012 | 1 Comments

I was recently talking with dear friends. Some of them, like some of you probably, are facing hard financial times. Some fear losing their jobs, some were already feeling the pinch of diminishing income. Being optimistic, they are open to new possibilities, new experiences. Maybe open like they’ve never been been.

That made me think of the stuff we carry around with us – stuff we hang on to because we think it’s important. How often do we really sit down and make a judgement about whether it IS important. It may have been at one time but is it still?

I’m talking about two kinds of “stuff.” One kind of stuff is tangible – you can hold it and you can certainly accumulate it. It’s important to look at it often and make judgements about it’s importance now.

The stuff that I’m most talking about isn’t something tangible but we hold on to it just as tightly. Have you ever tried to open a door when your hands are full? Sometimes being so loaded down can result in dropping and/or losing something you were hanging on to. Think about how, when our hands are empty, there is room for something else, something new, maybe something better. What could we pick up if only our hands were empty? What would be available for you if you hadn’t filled yourself and your time to overflowing? What door could you open and pass through by maybe putting something down? What would that something be for you?

I’m trying to simply my life by ridding myself of tangible stuff but I’m also risking a “real” evaluation of what I’m holding on to that I might put down to make room for something new and exciting. hmmm

is a retired banker who's embarrassed to be technoligically illiterate, but proud to be Laura's mother. She realizes that at her advanced age, she's done more risking than she has yet to do, but is willing to risk this.
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  1. This is so great. And, fortunately or unfortunately, it’s exactly where I am. With my stuff, inside and out, in my personal life, and in my business – and yes, it feels risky indeed. I am afraid, however, NOT going through this would be even riskier. So I forge ahead. Thanks for the beautiful post and the reminder that I am not alone.