Choices, Chances, Changes

| December 28, 2011 | 2 Comments

This morning I made a new cover photo for my Facebook page, based on an infographic I saw someone else had posted.  The infographic in question was this:

It hit me smack in the face with its truth. And when things hit me like that, I tend to try and repeat the experience. Not because I’m a glutton for punishment or pain, but because I really want to internalize what it’s saying to me.  So, I made this cover for my Facebook page, so I’d see it everyday for the next while:

Its interesting to me how plugged up we get in life when we try to control all three pieces of that statement.  The only two that are within our control are the ‘make the choice’ and the ‘take a chance’ parts – we don’t get to control how our life will change, as a result. At best, all we can do is influence the changes.

I’m finally cool with that.

This year, I’ve made lots of choices and taken lots of chances. The ones that have worked out the best are the chances I took on me.

As I move into 2012, if I am resolved to do anything, it is to continue making choices and taking chances. Laura’s right – flexing my risk muscle is a good thing. The things I want in my life – love, friends, work that makes a difference for others – all come to me as the result of taking chances. The life I want will never drop into my lap. It doesn’t work that way.

I create the life I want by making the choice to take chances – on me, on others, on life, itself.


would like to say she made the leap from Corporate America to web coach / WordPress developer on her own terms...but no, she lost her job after the CEO ran off with the 401K funds and went to jail. So, she started her own business with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat in tow on Dec. 6, 2002. It's been a wild ride, worth every risk, and she now proudly deems herself "pyschologically unemployable".
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  1. Gosh, Suzanne – I thought I commented on this long ago. But alas, I must have dreamt it! Thank you for what you wrote here. for reminding us all of the importance of making choices and taking chances. I think I may “tickle” myself to come back and read this on a regular basis myself!

  2. Hi Suzanne

    Love your Choice, Chance, Change banner! …. Can you do me something similar??

    Hugs Julia